[Lois-Bujold] Re: The real you OT:

Padget, Scott R Scott.Padget at SW.Boeing.com
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:36:23 -0600

Good grief, trying to catch up on the list backlog is like trying to swim up
a fire hose...

Robert Parks:
> You see, the me you (all) know from the list is the me I call
> Artists' Robert...

Marna Nightingale:
> .. the one who's been carrying on an extensive correspondance on and
> off-list with Happy HypoManic Marna

Mark Mandel:
> What, did anyone think they were the only one? You've never seen or
> even e-seen me under the curse of the temper I inherited from my


And they all talk about their Dark Sides that we haven't seen/dealt with.

But anyone who's been here long enough is *way* too well-acquainted with the
Gender-Conflicted Ball-of-Self-Abhorrence Pilot.  (You newbies, the past
week was just the tip of the iceberg.  Go look up the archives if you want.
Or better yet, don't.  Just...trust me on this.)  I've let *my* dark side
hang right on out there to annoy you all.

Which brings me around to my point.

Marna, I hereby claim the throne that you in turn usurped from Twitchell.
Gimme the tiara--I earned it and it's *mine*!

Pilot Padget--the new, self-proclaimed TMI Queen.  Er, King.  Pool Boy?
Whatever.  Long as I get the tiara.

(P.S.:  This is my first post to the new list.  Everything working okay?)