[Lois-Bujold] Re: OK, would anyone like a coupon for 15 % off Warriors Apprentice as an ebook (to the point of OT:ness)

Jim Toth jtoth at megrez.org
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 23:15:16 -0500

On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 08:00:01PM -0600, Andrew Lambdin-Abraham
(andrew at firehead.org) said:
> However, I'd like to point out THIS list is saying [Lois-Bujold] in
> the subject, which is something I've been neading forever.

I am glad--I prefer it to there not being such an option at all--but
it would be nicer if it were an *option* and not something that you
can't turn off.  Yeah, yeah, it's open source, contribute a patch if
you want that to happen, yada yada.

Now then, something I forgot to test earlier; what happens with the
"Re:" on this message?  Is mailman smart enough to put it *before* the
tag, even though the tags not in this message as I sent it?
(yahoogroups isn't smart enough to do this, and we end up with
subjects like

Re: [listname] Re: subject line here

when folks follow-up to my posts...)

Jim Toth
jtoth at megrez.org