[LMB] Re: Reread of Coc

Steve Knott Steve.Knott at daedalic.com
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 11:29:12 -0600

Betsy Hosler wrote:
>no other heirs in the family, the holdings might have reverted to the
>and been reissued, so to speak. In that case, he wouldn't expect to be
>to get them back, and would have no reason to expect the current holder

I don't see why not; am I missing something?  
Legal action or petition to the Roya or appropriate Provincar would be
fairly easy once he got to the capitol and lost his protective coloring
... and there's a good chance he'd win (absent dy Jironal interference)
after all he was not in fact dead!  And he becomes steadily more
politically powerful as the story goes forward and thus more likely to
be heard ... if not agreed with.  
At a minimum would there not be a mention of _why_ he wasn't trying to
get his inheritance back?  
I don't know what it was that happened but it seems to me that whatever
it was must predate Dondo's emnity ... or at least Gortoget.
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