[LMB] RE: Betan Military

POUNCER altpouncer at yahoo.com
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:19:19 -0800 (PST)

Steve Knott <Steve.Knott at daedalic.com> wrote:

> um ... not really ... well there's the combat ships that
> Cordelia's  ship counterfeited, but its not clear ... 
> no textevd  against either.

Doesn't that whole bit sort of suggest that
there were real ships, warships or otherwise,
which had attempted to "force" or "run" the 
wormhole, but had been caught or destroyed 
by Barrayaran blockade?  

Assuming so, were the earlier ships part
of the "thin blue line" of the BEF, or what?
Maybe just freighters, a la the _Lusitania_ (sp?)

And that whole "line" thing... that sort of
suggests that they primarily had a DEFENSIVE
role in drawing a border or boundary against
incursion.  As if the big job was not
an expedition INTO Escobarran space, but
a containment mission to keep Barrayar from
breaking OUT.

Suppose the charter of the BEF is secondarily
the liberation of Escobar, but primarily the
containment of Barrayar.  To contain them, they'd
need to bottle up the "exits" from Escobar,
AND all the other routes out of Komarr.  Or, 
better yet, to sneak around via the Hub, Pol,
and past Komarr to disrupt supply lines and bottle
the "invaders" up between Escobar and Komarr.
Given the chokepoint nature of wormhole routes
even a few ships in the right spot could make
a big difference.  But getting those few ships
TO the right spot would seem to require putting
many more than a few ships enroute.

 Right!  Which is probably the reason the Betan's came up
> with the plasma  mirror trap, deployed that new technology
> the way they did  (a big risk  BTW - lots of opportunity 
> for Murphy to bolux that plan)

I suspect the Betans didn't really think it would
work, hence the new uniforms for the big newly
built up BEF.  And, that the plan, and
Cordelia,  surprised everybody by suceeding
is part of the reason she got such hero-worship
(and uncomfortable scrutiny) upon her liberation.

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