[LMB] Re: Reread of Coc

Betsy Hosler hosler at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:01:35 -0500

I wrote:
>>no other heirs in the family, the holdings might have reverted to the crown
>>and been reissued, so to speak. In that case, he wouldn't expect to be able
>>to get them back, and would have no reason to expect the current holder to
SKnott said:
>I don't see why not; am I missing something?
>Legal action or petition to the Roya or appropriate Provincar would be
>fairly easy once he got to the capitol and lost his protective coloring
>... and there's a good chance he'd win (absent dy Jironal interference)

I should point out that I am assuming the lands etc are "owned" in the
sense of a feudal system, not in the modern sense. They are held at the
will of the Roya, not owned outright. The legalities of it are "they belong
to whoever I say they belong to". Any transfer to an heir must be approved
by the crown, with that being routine in most cases.

At the time Caz made the statement about no longer being Castillar, his
self-confidence etc was shot, he had no intention of going anywhere near
the capital or dy Jironal, and there would have been dy Jironal
interference. Aside from that, if the lands etc have been given to someone
else, that person was probably in favor with the ruler (or dy Jironal) and
they aren't going to want to offend that person by taking back their new
property. Under "normal" circumstances, Caz might have been given other
available lands, but still probably wouldn't have gotten his original grant
back. If he had enough pull or connections to do that, someone should have
come looking for him after Gotorget.