[LMB] Re: While we're making suggestions...

Jim Toth jtoth at megrez.org
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 19:30:00 -0500

> Elizabeth McCoy wrote:
> >> Eudora Pro 4.0 for the Mac.  And it's already set to minimal headers --
> >> my other lists don't show all this List-foo cruft.

> Jim Toth suggested:
> >After looking on groups.google.com, I believe you'll want to edit the
> >"TabooHeaders" line in your eudora.ini file.
> >

To which Betsy Hosler responded:

> Macs don't have .ini files, so we can't edit them. Those are for PCs.

Oops--I guess that's why I saw stuff on Tabooheaders in
comp.mail.eudora.ms-windows and not in comp.mail.eudora.mac.

Sorry about that!

> I'm having the same problem with Eudora on a Mac. I'll let you know
> if I figure it out.

Ok, here we go:


(My, that's long, but I don't think I can get it any shorter.  Darned
programs putting %'s in message IDs!)

The text from there:

# Go to Special | Settings... | Boring Headers and add in all the headers
# you normally don't want to see.  You can toggle to full headers in an
# individual message by clicking on the Blah-blah-blah button.
# Of course, when I went to my copy of Eudora to make sure I was telling
# you the right place to look, I couldn't find the Boring Headers pane
# because when I set up Eudora on my new G4 I forgot to install the
# Esoteric Settings plugin.  It's located in the Extra Plugins
# folder--install it by moving it to the Eudora Stuff folder in the Eudora
# application folder.  Quit Eudora first and restart it after installing
# the plugin.

Looks like this might help!

Jim Toth
jtoth at megrez.org