[LMB] Re: new list headers in Eudora for Mac

Betsy Hosler hosler at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 19:39:09 -0500

Right. No .ini file, so it has to be edited elsewhere. Your procedure may
vary, since I'm using an older version, but this worked for my Mac.

To get rid of the extra 20 or so lines of headers that show up when reading
the new list in Eudora for the Mac:

Close Eudora.

Go to the Eudora program folder. In that folder should be a folder called
"Extras", and a folder called "Eudora Stuff". In the "Extras" folder should
be a folder called "Plug-Ins". Move the plug-in "Esoteric Settings XXX"
(where XXX is a version number) from the "Plug-Ins" folder to the "Eudora
Stuff" folder.

Start Eudora.

On the "Special" menu, go to the usual "Settings..." option. In addition to
the things that were there before, you will now see various other options
to play with. "Toolbar on Steroids" and "Really Miscellaneous" sound
interesting, but we want "Boring Headers". Select that.

A text box appears on the righthand side of the box, with a bunch of stuff
already in it. Place your cursor in the text box, and use the arrow keys to
move to the bottom. Type in the identifiers for the headers you want
removed, without the colon, exactly as they show up in the message. (Look
at the things already there for examples.) I got rid of:


Don't add "Reply-To" or "Subject" to the list, it affects how the Reply
function works (sends it to the original listee sender instead of the list,
for example). You could probably add these things anywhere on the list; I
put them at the bottom so I'd know which ones I added.

Save the Settings, and close the dialog box. Open a message. Lots of
garbage goes away. It shows up as usual if you click the "BlahBlahBlah"
icon in the received message header. Check that "Reply" works as you
expect, in terms of address and subject line, if you removed other stuff.

Since I'm using an old, freeware version of Eudora (Light 3.1), I'm
assuming the relevant plug-ins and folders should be available in newer
versions. If yours doesn't look like I've described, check the manual <g>.
It's in pdf format in the Eudora program folder. Look for the section on
plug-ins, how to install, where to get.