[LMB] Vorkosigan House

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 21:34:45 -0800

From: "Alan Barclay" <gorilla at elaine.furryape.com>

> Quoting Dan Tilque (dtilque at nwlink.com):
> > Another thing that should have been added somewhere along the
> > is a fire suppression system (sprinklers or something). Old
> > with wood framework are firetraps without them.
> Have we got any evidence for a wood framework?

Well, the roof is supported by wood beams, as the textev below

ACC p420(pb): She followed him down an uncarpeted hallway and
through a pair of double doors into an enormous low-ceilinged room
that extended from one side of the wing to the other. Roof beams
hand-sawn from great trees crossed it overhead, with yellowing
plaster between.

It occured to me that after the wing of the Imperial Residence burnt
down (or perhaps I should say *was* burnt down) during Vordarian's
Pretendership, that everyone should have gotten the message to
install fire suppression systems in their great houses, if they
didn't already have one.

> I see VH as a grand stately house, in the European tradition, and
> that means that stone is used as both a facing material and as a
> structural material.

Could be. Perhaps the roof is the only part supported by timbers and
the rest is stone.

Dan Tilque