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> Other option is when one has several middle
> names....
No he doesn't!  Remember in _Barrayar,_ after Cordelia
and Aral block Piotr from getting to the replicator to
abort Miles?  My copy of _CH_ isn't here, so I have to
use my _Analog_ (August 1991) to quote from.  This is
right before Negri's lightflyer crashes into the lake.

"Piotr snorted, his head lowered mulishly, hunched
between his skiny shoulders.  He stared through
Cordelia at Aral.  'You are determined to lay this
thing on me.  On my house.  I cannot persuade you
otherwise, I cannot order you.  Vorey well.  You're so
set on change, here's a change for you.  I don''t want
my name on that thing.  I can deny you that, if
nothing else.'

Aral's face was pinched, nostrils flaring.  But he
never moved his in his seat.  The viewer glowed on,
forgotten in his still hands.  He held his hands quiet
and totally controlled, not permitting them to clench,
'Very well, sir.'

'Call him Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, then,' said
Cordelia, feigning calm over a sick and trembling
belly.  'My father will no begrudge it.'"

Be proud, I think this is my first textevd ever.

-Marci, who just needs Charles Sheffeild's autograph
and her October 1991 _Analog_ will have the autograph
of ever front-page author

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