OT: Re: [LMB] Re: [Lois-Bujold] Digest address munging

Melanie Dymond Harper mel at vanyel.herald.co.uk
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 10:20:52 GMT

> Sorry, I made a mistake. I do not get the digests, I get the
> individual messages, and it is not the digest that does this, it is
> the archives. Anyone can look at the archives online at
> http://lists.herald.co.uk/pipermail/lois-bujold/ .

[those of you not interested in mail-header geekery should stop reading now]

Hmmm. Addresses are munged in the body of messages (attributions, signatures
etc.) and in sender information - but some mail clients also put them in
the In-Reply-To field along with the message ID, which is a little annoying.
IRT needs to be kept in the archived messages so that threading works 
properly, and I can't auto-munge email addresses within that field because
it would munge the message ID too (and thus, also, break threading).

I'm open to suggestions on this one. If anyone's got a good algorithm which
can automatically tell if a string with an [at] in it is a message ID or
an email address, lemme know.