[LMB] The Acolyte and the Kittens....

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF jbryant at iee.org
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 20:34:24 +0000

Diane E wondered why an acolyte and not a priest
performed the "Which God?" ritual at Cazaril's
remembered country funeral.

Necessity - no temple or priest nearby.

Think "barefoot doctors" - acolytes substitute
for priests in remote and impoverished areas.

(Also if a priest performed it and the family were
sufficiently annoyed at the choice you might
have a claim of fraud and a sudden vacancy
for a priest - acolytes may be more dispensable.
Unlikely in the case mentioned, but not always

At dy Sanda's funeral, and at Dondo's, acolytes
held the animals - looking after animals is no
job for a priest, so they will always be involved
in the handling role.

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