[LMB] OT:? Review of latest Liaden book

Scott Hofmann shofmann at mindspring.com
24 Dec 2001 22:27:18 -0500

>>>>> "NG" == Natalie Getzoff <gnatg at bookcase.com> writes:

 NG> Scott Raun said:
 >> _Plan B_, by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, got a write-up in the
 >> December 15th booklist.  Last sentence is " The combination of wit,
 >> relationships, and space opera may appeal to readers of Lois McMaster
 >> Bujold."
 >> (Says the pusher of one of his _other_ favorite author teams! - Liaden
 >> books are on my short list of 'buy the hard-covers, sight unseen'.)

 NG> But I thought _Plan B_ came out a while ago.  I bought it a few months ago (after 
 NG> hanging out in the Liaden party room at WorldCon and hearing all the good things 
 NG> about these books).  As Scott must know already, their new one (_I Dare_) should 
 NG> be out in a couple of months.  I must find that preorder sheet to order the hardcover, 
 NG> so I can get it ASAP.

 NG> Natalie -- who likes to be addicted to as many books and authors as possible.

_I Dare_ can be preordered via the Meisha Merlin website at
http://www.meishamerlin.com/IDare.html. A long excerpt from the book is there
as well.


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