[LMB] Taboo Headers list for Eudora.ini

Patricia A. Swan zafaran at dnet.net
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 13:04:27 -0500

Hey, all.

I just fixed my Eudora.ini so that it won't show the extra 
headers.  I've included it here in a form that you just have to copy 
and paste into the ini file to fix yours.  You do have to shutdown 
Eudora while you do this, but it's simple enough to copy this to the 
clipboard, and then open the file in Notepad.  The other header 
settings, like ShowAllHeaders, is very close to the top of the file, 
and an easy place to insert this is TabooHeaders doesn't already exist 
in your ini file.  That's also very near where you go to change your 
line length, too.


Hope this helps,

Pat (eudora geek)
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