[LMB] OT:? Review of latest Liaden book

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 12:29:27 -0800

Khenta wrote: in response to Scott Raun mentioning his possession of an
ARC of _I Dare_
> You just be glad that I don't know where you live... ;)
> and that I don't have the means for trip across the ocean...

You could always ask pretty please with bribery...

I DO NOT need to go looking...I just got my(self) big Xmas present...an
upgrade to my #1 machine (motherboard, processor, memory and power
supply, yes, since you ask, I _am_ keeping the case) and that should
keep me busy for a while.
> Just finished _Pilots Choice_ on Sunday. Which caused an urge to reread
> _Partners in Necessity_. And _Plan B_ (at the moment). And leaves me
> completely useless for any other book. Argh.

That's a LIE!  Or if it isn't why are you on this list? ;)

If ID and DI landed in your lap, which would you read first?  All I know
is that I would call in sick Right Now, rather than later.

> Khenta
> who thinks that the Liaden books are exactly the right fare to take her
> through the holidays

No argument there.