PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 18:02:03 -0700

>[snip] Point the first: pee before you go in and sit
>down.  3 hours and no intermissions.


>BTW--I'd add no drinking before hand if you have a small bladder.

NO 64-ounce colas!!!

>The movie mostly matched what I remembered from the book plot-wise and
>development wise. With one exception, I thought (ack! all I can come up
>with is "The Guy from Gotorget" and that's the wrong universe!) the
>not-Aragorn guy survived the battle at the end of the movie. I could
>have sworn he was pared with Eowyn in The Two Towers/Return of the
>King... Other than that (and I will not vow a perfect memory of the
>books) I saw the movie as a faithful and loving tribute to the original

Naaah -- I don't think so. Boromir? & Eowyn? I don't remember that.

>I thought Aragorn should have had longer hair, been clean-shaven and
>much more brooding.

You're mistaking him for a 60s guy. He's not and never was. In terms of 
Tolkien's day, he was one of those Lost Ggeneration warriors who came back 
to command the troops in WWII, of which the best analogy today is exactly 
what they showed. Some things translate best if put into visuals
the kids today recognize. I think Aragorn was perfect!

Even with 3 hours, it takes a while to establish the
>characteristics for that large a company. Most heroic leads roles number
>about 3--counting the side-kicks. The overt presentation of the
>characteristics that will eventually kill them or make them triumphant
>was understandable from the movie genre point of view. It's hard to good
>angst in movies--even when you have twice as long to do it.

Yes, a total triumph.

>The bits about Gollum was well
>handled and neatly inserted, (a la Chechov's gun) so that from now on
>out we'll be looking for him in the shadows--which adds excitement and
>tension to what would otherwise turn The Two Towers into a buddy-film.
Road picture. It is, among other things, an ultimate road flick.

>I took two of my sisters with me. C. is very non-fantasy and came in
>with no pre-conceptions.  P. has read the series,  laughed more than I
>did at the humor in the story (she's far more jaded than I am) and had a
>good time. C. feels cheated. She doesn't want to wait for the next two
>installments--she wants to see them RIGHT NOW. Needless to say, she
>didn't take the cliff-hanger very well.
Right now! Yes!!! Sequels are our precccioussssssessssss.

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