[LMB] DI off to Baen

Patrick Vera iiradned at hotmail.com
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 15:05:15 +0800

Lois wrote on Baen's Bar :

>You're welcome --
>I've been working, certainly (between ducking out to see LOTR), but not,
>alas, writing -- it's mostly been production quality control stuff for the 
>past couple of weeks. Just spent two working days going over the _Falling 
>Free_ files and giving them a brand new and long-needed copy-edit before it 
>goes up at Fictionwise. Can't believe how many editions some of those mis-
>spellings survived... I picked up a few scanner-induced typos as well, so 
>that was worth it. And a few other subtle things that should cause it to 
>read cleaner. Now I regret not doing the same to the other books' files... 
>sigh. And the _Diplomatic Immunity_ galleys are now all packed up and ready 
>to carry to the post office just as soon as I finish my coffee, etc.
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