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> I think I've been watching too much Buffy. 2 eps on tape, and I returned to 
> reading ACC to find:
This is an interestin variation on the casting thread that Jaye has
introduced.  If she does not mind, here are my sugestion for Buffy
actors in ACC:

> Ekaterin speaking in Willow's voice
I would agree with that.

> Xander in Mark's
No, Ivan works better with Xander's voice.

> Gregor in Giles's
Wesley as he is in S3 Angel sound like His Imperal Majesty in ACC.
Wesley as he was he S3 Buffy for Gregor in the "Vor Game".

> By in Spike's
Duv Galeni

> Kareen in Buffy's
> .....

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