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Snip section about LOTR..

For a long time the casting thread has circulated, and the hardest role to
cast is, of course, Miles. Everyone has to think of a short actor to play
the role. With the wonderful effect debuted in LOTR, we can now have ANY
actor as Miles, regardless of his height. Now, I admit, I can't think of
anyone off the top of my head, but I'm sure there will be a number of you
who can now think of the perfect actor.

Any takers?

Tony Rapson


While I don't have any actors per se... Seeing "Shrek" for the first time
this week did bring me to think of this.
My vote - Lord Falco whatever in Shrek.
Annoying yep, short yep, Not a perfect match I must admit. However, I think
even Lois may get annoyed sometimes with Miles and want to pound him. Like
into the Cake. Gawd was that movie funny.

Apologies if this gets HTML's, MIME'd and messed up. But I'm hoping it
don't. If it don't maybe, just maybe I'll delurk more.

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