[LMB] Re: While we're making suggestions... OT:

Natalie gnatg at bookcase.com
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 09:25:12 -0500

> Dave Klecha writes:
> Can I cry now, since I'm about to embark on mine? (Talking about his
> Ph.D.)
> Pam Gotcher replied:
> Or me?  I'm seriously contemplating an Ed.D. which would start in the
> fall. Instructional Design with a focus on Distance (Online)
> Education.  The kicker is that I'm 55 now, and would be close to 60
> when I finished, and I'm not sure whether it would be of any value,
> other than emotional gratification...

Or me.  I have applied to a part-time (distance education) MPH program.
If I get in, I expect to continue working full-time as a neurologist and
do the MPH program part-time.  Am I crazy?  Yes.

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