[LMB] Dissertations (was) While we're making suggestions... OT:

Betsy Hosler hosler at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 16:07:13 -0500

Dave writes:
>Can I cry now, since I'm about to embark on mine? (Talking about his
Pam Gotcher:
>Or me?  I'm seriously contemplating an Ed.D. which would start in the
>fall. Instructional Design with a focus on Distance (Online)
>Education.  The kicker is that I'm 55 now, and would be close to 60
>when I finished, and I'm not sure whether it would be of any value,
>other than emotional gratification...

Depends on whether you think its worth the time, money, and aggrevation. I
was told advanced degrees were a bad idea unless you were sure that's what
you wanted. I went ahead anyway. Almost withdrew from the program after 5
years (one of my classmates did), finally finished 18 months later. Could
have taken a year off that time and avoided a lot of emotional wreckage if
my adviser had been a reasonable person. Almost 9 years out, and I'm still
not sure getting the PhD was the right choice for me. Seems like I know a
lot of people in several different fields for whom getting an advanced
degree was a hassle which they're still not sure was worth it.

OTOH, my husband never finished his undergrad thesis, so doesn't have a BS
degree, yet earns 3 times the salary I do. I didn't chose the field or
degree for the money, but it still rankles.