[LMB] LOTR, Modern Fantasy, and Chalion

Jagoda, Lynette K lynette.jagoda at pnl.gov
Sat, 29 Dec 2001 15:59:07 -0800

I also saw the movie and was disappointed. Though to a large extent that was
because all these people kept telling me how *good* it was and how well it
followed the books. If I had gone in with my initial "it will probably suck"
expectations I would probably have been pleasantly surprised.  

Like James, I think to many of the "themes" central to the books were lost in
the movie. And as much as I appreciate the need to shorten and change some
things to change mediums, I agree with James that many of the changes were both
gratuitous and designed to appeal to a more modern and (I am about to get into
big trouble here) less classically educated more mentally immature generation.  

As Mark pointed out, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is an example of what *can* be
done, so that the book and movie compliment each other.  But that movie wouldn't
be made that way *today*, it is too slow paced for a studio to by into now.  I
think the animated version of the Hobbit did a better job of being "true" to
Tolkien on many levels than this movie did. Granted it was a much simpler more
fast paced story, but still...  So I am sorry that the LOTR did not manage to
remain true the "themes and feel" of Tolkien as well as it might have.
Especially since Jackson did spend so much time on the details. I love what he
did visually and appreciate the effort.  I now have some great, very different
images to compliment my next reading of the books.  However I wish Jackson had
been able to have a little more faith that the "core of the work" could capture
the mind of new generation rather than pandering to the lowest common

Now on to On Topic... Because of this ummm lowering of the bar for general
quality, I not only appreciate Lois all the more, but also worry that writers
like Lois are becoming a swiftly vanishing breed.  Heck, even readers capable of
appreciating "great works" are becoming scarce.  As much as I would have loved
to push Chalion more, after reading it I knew it was *too good* for many of my
friends to enjoy based on their reactions to past books.   <sigh> 

Lynette <----Who printed up James's post to take home for her mother (who was
more disappointed than I in the movie).  <grin>