[LMB] Stunners, needleguns, plasma arcs, etc

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Sat, 29 Dec 2001 22:11:19 EST

: Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <andrew at firehead.org>

>Yes, there would be a benefit to various weapons
>having compable power supplies, but I believe
>that plasma arcs and nerve disruptors and
>stunners would have such different power
>requirements as to not support a common
>power pack.  (Plasma Arcs seem to be big,
>bulky and needing lots of power, while stunners
>are very small and would likely be fired often). 

Bothari was killed with a needle gun, and I have
the impression the customs/immigration guard
on Beta made some remark about needlers,
as well.  Which combine to give me the notion
that Bothari prefered needle guns to any of
the 3, more commonly seen, handweapons of
the Nexus.

Having a (no doubt mistaken) notion, I set forth
to Watson it.

Stunners, I'd argue, are a "shotgun" sort of
weapon.  Point in the general direction of the
target and spray. If the target is close enough,
at least part of the "effect" will hit the target.
Why bother with precision, anyway?   If
the villain holds the hostage and you stun both
of them -- fine.  If the stun field sort of
"splashes" around the body of the hostage
and takes out the villain secondarily -- GREAT!
Precision is not a virtue for the weapon.

Nerve disruptors, too, seem to be rather
imprecise.  Cordelia got caught in a "splashed"
field and numbed her thigh, permanently.
The logic of hostage/villain doesn't apply, but...
The effect Aral mentions, of one armed man
intimidating a crowd, is rather counter-availed
by an overly-precise strike zone.

As Miles in "Victor Rotha" guise remarks,
the only difference between nerve disruptors
and plasma arcs is whether you want to kill
only people, or kill people AND destroy
their stuff.  Another very splashy weapon.
When Miles asks Auson about charged
versus uncharged plasma arcs, the "empty"
weapon "splashes" off the wall behind

But if Bothari considered Miles particularly
fragile, (susceptible to injury via stunner) and
had no particular interest in preserving the
life of would-be villains who might come
near Miles ... then precision would be
EXACTLY what Bothari would want.  Some
weapon that would kill the S.O.B.  and
leave Bothari's boy wholly unscathed.

So, the weapon is precise.  But the user
would have to practice with it in a near
monomaniacal fashion to be able to
_use_ it  precisely.  Most of the weapons
users we've seen in the Nexus are not
such maniacs.

But then, if the foregoing is true, then those
few users we have seen draw needlers should
be of Bothari-like dedication to weapons

Can we come up with a list to test the hypothesis?