[LMB] Stunners, needleguns, plasma arcs, etc

Richard Macdonald rmacdonald at microd.com
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 06:10:19 -0500

Michael Bauminger wrote:
> Not precise, at all. More like spraying with a Tech-9. Too dangerous
> to be useful around hostages. Besides, where did you get the idea that
> needlers were Bothari's weapon of choice? He is always written with a
> nerve disrupter and a plasma arc in hand, with a knife for close work.

But was the imprecision from the weapon or from the wielder of the

I have been able to put 5 out of seven rounds from a M-1911A1 into the
head of a schillouette target in about 3-4 seconds at 25m, and when
using the whole body as a target, I rarely miss. Not everyone can do
that kind of precision and handguns are notorious for being difficult to
use precisely. Most of the error is from the firer and not the weapon,
with practice the firer is more able to utilize the inherent accuracy of
any weapon.

Even a Tech-9 can be reasonable accurate within the effective range of
the weapon design, it is usually the inexperience and lack of training
that cause wild inaccuracy. The more precise the weapon, the harder it
is to use effectively as the increased precision magnifies the
imprecisions of the person using the weapon. It is a lot easier to hit
someone at 25m with a shotgun than any pistol, yet the pistol will be a
more precise weapon in its inherent design.
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