[LMB] Stunners, needleguns, plasma arcs, etc

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31 Dec 2001 12:30:29 -0700

"Michael Bauminger" <mikebomb at myrealbox.com> writes:
> I could very well be wrong about the name of the weapon. I said that I
> am not a gun maven (IANAGM).
> The one I was thinking of was the automatic machine pistol that was so
> popular with the drug gangs about 8 - 10 years ago when crime was out
> of control. NYC cops actually got permission from the city council to
> carry 9 mm automatics with clips that hold more than 6 rounds and
> could be quickly reloaded instead of 6 shot revolvers because they
> were so abysmally outgunned.

I would love some links to sources and good news articles regarding
this.  It has been my understanding that an automatic weapon has been
used in a crime in the US for the last generation, only and exactly
once, and that was a dirty cop who stole it out of his department's

Now, any decently made auto-LOADER, after the the user has practiced a
bit, can be made to go BANGBANGBANGNBANGBANG until the clip empties,
but not by simply holding down the trigger. When I am at the range, I
can unload my entire clip in just over 2 seconds, and I'm hardly
"highly talented".

What you may be thinking of is that the NYC police department, or at
least, some officers in it (in many places, officers get to choose
their perferred carry weapon), converted over from the century old
standard .38 police revolver, made of steel, to a more modern
autoloader, such as a Glock. LEO and LEO office across the US have
been doing so for the last decade, and the conversion is almost

They did not do so because they were being "outgunned". They did so
because the Glock is, in many people's opinion, a better gun for cops
than the .38.

They weigh less, are MUCH easier to clean (you can put them in a
dishwasher, just about), costs a lot less to purchase and maintain,
hold more shots (10+1 or 15+1 instead of 6), and reload much
faster. Plus it doesnt kick as painfully for the same energy

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