[LMB] Stunners, needleguns, plasma arcs, etc

Mark Atwood mra at pobox.com
31 Dec 2001 14:16:17 -0700

"Michael Bauminger" <mikebomb at myrealbox.com> writes:
> >
> > They did not do so because they were being
> > "outgunned". They did so because the Glock is, in
> > many people's opinion, a better gun for cops
> > than the .38.
> No, I said what I was thinking of. Cops here carried "service
> revolvers" and were not permitted 9 mm semi automatics. People were
> (foolishly, IMNSHO) afraid that higher power weapons

Doubly foolish of them, since a standard .38 service revolver is
actually "higher power" than a standard 9mm autoloader. Especially
with hot high-vel rounds.

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