[LMB] OT: Modern Fantasy

Betsy Hosler hosler at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:22:10 -0500

For those who might be looking for something to read while waiting for DI
or various other works to emerge, I'd like to mention Michael Stackpole's
work. _Fortress Draconis_, the second in a series, is just out. _The Dark
Glory War_ was the first.

I'm not sure how these fit in James Burbidge's discussion of famtasy works,
but I enjoyed them. Both books were "begin reread immediately upon
completion of first read" for me, as many of Lois' have been. He's got his
own version of elves, the Bad Guy (Gal, in this case), traces of long
history, etc. The masked society he develops in the first book is very
different from anything I've run across elsewhere (it's an honor and point
of status to wear a mask all one's life, so only one's immediate family
ever sees one's face).

For a complete list of Stackpole's work, some several interesting essays
(including a discussion of his work relative to Tolkien), and some short
story examples, see