[LMB] OT: Rights & rights

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 17:12:20 -0400

Kiri Aradia Morgan wrote:
>  people who were opposed to Christian Science
> would (supposedly) be supportive of vegans gone whackadoo.

Well, after thinking it over, I do have some bias.  NOT in terms of feeling that
one behaviour is okay and the other is not. In terms of the degree to which I
assume that intervention will probably produce the desired effects without it
receiving public support. 

I'm somewhat more likely to feel a need to get actively and politically involved
in some situations than others. Perception or reality, my impression is this: 

Where a child protection case involves an argument revolving around 'religious
principles', the CAS and governments in general are inclined to move slower. 

The more mainstream and recognised the religion, the more this applies, to an
enormous degree -- Paganism could still be used to call your fitness as a parent
into question until fairly recently. 

On another note, there's a woman still fighting to get back custody of her
children because she is poly. 

When the CAS or other agency does move on something like the Christian Science
case, it's more likely to hit the papers as a 'controversy' instead of a
straight reportage.  Public opinion is solicited and involved. Editorials
defending each position happen.  It becomes a political issue about what is
abuse, not a legal issue of did abuse happen. 

And this I saw in the article. They've got a lawyer, they're going to court. But
I just don't see huge public controversy over this case.  The child has been
taken and will remain out of their custody until it's settled, at least. 

There just isn't a big lobby out there defending the right of people to starve
their babies in the name of lefty veganism. There IS a good sized lobby out
there defending the right of people to beat their children or deny them medical
treatments in the name of Christianity. 

So yeah. I'm somewhat more inclined to react with indignation with those cases. 
At least, I'm more likely to make my indignation known. Because in those cases,
doing so can serve a purpose. 

Anyway, I've a ballet to see. Pizza? 


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