[LMB] Thanks for the good comebacks, Casey OT:

lorraine fletez-brant lorrainenfletez at hotmail.com
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 18:07:20 -0700

Casey Allison sent helpful suggestions:
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 08:49:45 -0800 (PST)

>>lorraine fletez-brant wrote:

>>I should know by now that that is an extremely
stupid way to tempt the fates...we spent the afternoon
at Good Samaritan ER because Kipper's [my 17-yr-old]
right side of his face "froze." He was diagnosed with
Bell's palsy <<

>   {{{{Lorraine}}}} and {!{!{!{Kipper}!}!}!}<

Thanks, pal! Kipper was looking over my shoulder when I pulled this up and 
really appreciated the hugs!

>   FWIW, I have seen this (child of a friend) and yes,
in the vast majority of cases, it's merely a waiting
thing; it does resolve. Although it will probably make
Kipper quite self-conscious until it does (and knowing
his & your sense of humor!), how about "arming" him
with some handy wisecracks to help him ease through

He especially loved the botox comeback! That one was particularly good. It 
was worse this morning when he woke up, and we saw our pediatrician this 
morning who didn't think acyclovir was helpful, but did recommend eye gel 
rather than drops. We will see him again on Thursday, unless it gets worse. 
It helps to hear the stories about recovery...

>   Seriously (but just for a moment), I'm sorry to
hear of this, and hope his recovery goes as quickly as
possible! More {{{{{to all!}}}}<

Thanksssssss for the wishes and the hugssssssss!

>~ Casey-Sis, who wonders if she gets poked by hugging
a Horned Hopper, and really not givin' a dern, if so!<

I jab, because I care! <hee>

Lorraine - Lil' Horned Hopper waving from Arizona

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