[LMB] Re: Potted Plants

carbonelle at juno.com carbonelle at juno.com
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 05:30:36 GMT

I can't help James since there's really only
one way to deal w/gifts (pleasing or otherwise:)
"Thank you" [1]

But I always give plants + spirits as a housewarming
gift. That way when/if the plant dies they can
console themselves w/strong drink.

So--Ekaterin seems over-endowed with loving 
relatives who have never adjusted the reality of
her character with their comfortable mental 
picture of her.  What do you suppose SHE gets
in the way of, er, unfortunate wedding presents?

Hmmm..... From the not-quite clueless, how about hothouse 
plants that are almost (but not quite) impossible to
maintain as houseplants (Cymbidium Orchids? African 
Basil?)[2], from the oblivious...  Self-help books on the 
lines of "So, You Have a Mutie in the Family"

Any other ideas?

Kirsten (Death on Houseplants[3]) Edwards

[1] Gifts you have no intention of keeping make
good Mathoms--just be sure to note from whom they
came :-)
[2] Assuming that she can't just create a temp/humidity
controlled glassed in room in Vorkosigan House
[3] I plant 'em outdoors [4], once the pretty bloom has
faded. If they don't make it--hey, presto! Compost.
[4] And have I ever mentioned how deeply, deeply
I envy the soil Ekaterin has in the Vorkosigan
House beds? "plunge her arm up to the elbow in
deep, rich loam". MmmmmmmmmmmmmLoam.

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