Subject: Re: [LMB] Dr. Whom's Birthday "Present"! OY: OT:

Laura Gallagher kelts at
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 21:37:13 -0800

Lorraine wrote:
> because Kipper's [my 17-yr-old] right side of his face 
> "froze." He was diagnosed with Bell's palsy 
> I understand that it is not uncommon and 90% of the cases 
> resolve.<snip>  Have any of 
> you had personal experience with this? 

My ex-boyfriend (lo these many years ago... I broke it off back in 92,
goodness) had Bell's palsy during the time that we were in contact
across the continent.  When we were actually together, he had completely
recovered, and I could see no trace of it remaining, and could never
remember which side he'd said it was on.  So I expect that yes, Kipper's
will resolve and will be ok.  But I can certainly see that it will be
annoying in the meantime.  My sympathy to him.  Somehow telling him to
keep a stiff upper lip about it all just doesn't seem helpful, though!

Best wishes to him,

Laura Gallagher