[LMB] Happy Birthday!!

The Birthday Tixie birthday at dendarii.com
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 16:52:41 -0500

<ahem>  The Birthday Tixie clear her throat, so she can announce 
the next listee birthday without squeaks or frogs.  Lorraine Fletez-
Brant, who mentioned months ago that I would be out of interesting 
birthday greetings by the time hers rolled around, will become 48 on 
December 3rd.  May her 49th year be filled with happiness and 
health.  May Kipper's face suddenly recover.  May some really good 
chocolate appear magically on her pillow.  May she never get 
pneumonia again.  May good friends and family gather to celebrate 
with her.  May tixie dust sprinkle from the sky at random moments.  

TBT -- who was really trying not to degenerate into complete 
silliness about monkeys this time...