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Sun, 01 Dec 2002 19:29:38 -0500

Alexandra Haropulos wrote:
> Jim Parish wrote:
> > With Thanksgiving coming up, I feel compelled once again to thank those
> > listies who have spoken highly of Georgette Heyer's writings onlist.
> > I'm currently about halfway through _Devil's Cub_, and just hit the end
> > of Chapter XI, wherein Avon informs Leonie that he intends to visit
> > Cousin Harriet.
> >
> > "The biter bit, the hawk in the eagle's claw, the spider in the steel
> > web." A wonderfully funny moment.
> >


If Avon tried that approach on Leonie, he would have received a
_significantly_ different reaction.  Consider her volubility -- and
volte-face -- in Chapter XIX.

> > Jim Parish

> By now, you'll have read it, so no spoiler to say that
> this book includes one of the greatest put-down lines ever:
> "I do not believe I evinced any interest in conversing
> with you," said the Duke sweetly.
> Some day I hope to have a chance to use that one.

As well as one of the really memorable dialogues in Heyer --

"'If you succeeded in protecting your virtue, my dear Miss Challoner, I
can readily believe -- knowing his lordship -- that your methods must
have been exceedingly drastic.  You perceive me positively agog with

'I shot him,' she said bluntly.

The hand that was raising the pinch of snuff to ne nostril was checked
for a brief moment.  'Accept my compliments,' said the gentleman

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