[LMB] Poor Simon's Almanack - December 2

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This Day In Listory:

2001 - (Digests 4842-3) Pretty much lots of varied ongoing threads.
2000 - (Digest 3703) Martin Bonham forwards another POST FROM LOIS on 
e-books in her future.
1999 - (Digests 2947-50) POST FROM LOIS asking for the symptoms of 
"mountain sickness", though being a meanie and not saying why. Speculation 
beginning about ACC's chances for a Hugo.
1998 - (Digests 2044-7) Getting into the tech specs of solettas. Livery 
talk segueing into general uniform discussion. Also, the Wonders of Pratchett.
1997 - (Digests 1000-1) Karen Kuhn posts an interesting theory about the 
origin of the myth of the Betan rejuvenation treatment.
1996 - (Digest 464) Cats, bonking vs. boinking, and herms.
1995 - (Digest 131) Robert Woodward wonders whether anyone has yet seen 
Cetaganda in bookstores.
1994 - No posts today.

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