[LMB] Happy Birthdays!!

Kay Bishop KBooklover at email.com
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 10:32:14 -0500

At 11/30/2002 05:46 PM -0500, The Birthday Tixie wrote:
>Marna, off-list and
>currently being plagued by phone and internet issues, turns 32, and
>Kay is being coy about her age.  :-)

Thank you, Tixie!  I've been looking forward to catching some Tixie 
Dust for my very own.

I might need some more fingers & toes.  Marna had the good taste to be 
born (according to the listie bios) exactly 20 years after me, 
1969.  <muttering softly & ticking off on fingers>  I turned 1 in 1950, 
2 in 1951, 3 in 1952 . . . aren't we 33 & 53?  Watch out, Marna.  After 
45 I could never remember my age, and have to recalculate it whenever 
asked.  Hang on to those brain cells, girl!

So along with the usual, my _particular_ birthday wish for Marna is 
that the god of electronica smile on her equipment, and she be able to 
rejoin us quickly!