[LMB] OT: allsorts

Marna Nightingale marna at mailpuppy.com
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 00:01:21 +0800

1) 33, yes. If I make it to Easter, I'm going to start telling people I'm older than God. 

2) Still offline, also yes; Idiot ISPs and endemic inefficiency at Bell Canada. Soon, I am told. Soon. 

<<Between Pilot & the Birthday Tixie, I conclude that Marna & Ian are joining the ranks of homeowners on Marna's birthday!>>

Yes. And probably getting the truck on Ian's 25th birthday; December 14. 

The only downside (and it's not a biggie) is that this means a year of resolutely practical presents all 'round; he's getting a Dremel for his birthday, I'm getting a 9.6 volt cordless drill for mine, I think I'm getting a Makita mitre saw for Yule. Not sure what he's getting. Probably a belt-sander and three new couches.

Mind you, happy blue Makita under the tree notoriously makes me squeal with joy. 

And so it goes. And I miss you all too. I get these twitches and occasional DTs. 

Thank you all for the birthday greetings; and especial thinks to the gentleman who sent me the rude e-card:-). Brightend my morning no end. 

Mark, get well soon, okay? 

And Lorraine, give Kipper my sympathies. The Prime Minister of Canada has Bell's, and it doesn't slow him down any...
Housewarming parties will be held on request, anytime a listee shows up. 


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