[LMB] OT: TMI King

Jagoda, Lynette K lynette.jagoda at pnl.gov
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 12:44:22 -0800

Start Snip--
> Sometimes they are really private and I stop reading after the first two 

Maybe we should tone it down....  <trying to Look Stern toward New Mexico
Washington simultaneously>
Pilot Padget--pretending to a modicum of self-control
End snip---

--------<mock look of shocked offence>  Lorraine!! I think he means us!!
<giggle>  Gee how should we "tone it down"...
<start innocent look> Perhaps we shouldn't reply to any of the next three
messages which *followed* this admonishment, especially not the one where
Pilot describes his sticker shock reaction from his recent shopping trip to
Forever Leather. That would be doing *our* part to tone it down...right??
</innocent look>

Lynette <---- Who wonders how Pilot managed that stern look in two
directions "simultaneously"... she doesn't remember him having two sets of
eyes... lol...   

PS snip from much earlier post....
Me: (Lynette)
> wonders if at this point she should suggest that close association with
the former and reigning TMI monarchs is starting to rub

Pilot's reply:
Starting?  *Starting*?  I'd hand over the tiara to you, except that you're
TMI'ing *my* stuff, not *yours*.
End Snip

----------- <wry grin> Just following your lead darling, so amply
demonstrated by that last string of *your* posts.  You are SO *still* the
TMI king and rightful owner of the list tiara....  Long Live the King!!  ;-)