[LMB] Houseplant ID OT:

Elly Jeurissen e.jeurissen at home.nl
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 22:03:55 +0100

> >
> >Tell everyone you do not want them because of deathly allergy. You do
> >not
> >have to tell that the plants are allergic to you, and not the other way
> >around...
> >
> >Elly
> Unfortunately, *that* one doesn't work EITHER!!!!!!
> Pat (the allergic) in North Carolina

Ouch. That is not good.

I see no reason to be polite to people giving you things that you told them
make you very ill. So maybe trow them out right away. I am not even sure
wether I mean the people, the plants, or both.

I must be an innocent to think that people would heed a warning like that.
At the least I would be sending them the ER-bill and ask for payment.

who, althou allergic to some things, is not deathly allergic to anything.