[LMB] Stats for Nov 25 00:00 to Dec 2 00:00 (59 % percent offtopic)

Alan Barclay gorilla at elaine.furryape.com
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 17:08:37 -0500

Total of 301 messages, with 148 unique subjects from 87 unique addresses

Total of 178 OT: messages, with 80 unique subjects from 64 unique addresses

Most popular subject lines:
 Hello to everyone (14 messages)
 Houseplant ID (11 messages)
 Obsolete technology  (9 messages)
 [Harry] Potter fanfic ideas (8 messages)
 Cataloging Books (7 messages)

Top posters
"lorraine fletez-brant" <lorrainenfletez at hotmail.com> (19)
House of Unruly Fish <carosue at centurytel.net> (16)
Casey Allison <cameramom00 at yahoo.com> (15)
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <a.abraham at mail.utexas.edu> (12)
carbonelle at juno.com (12)

Poster of the longest message
"Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net> with  OT Other Authors - MZB (299 lines)

Poster with the longest average message
"Paula S. Sanch" <tygerbryght at myrealbox.com> (115 lines/2 messages)

Poster with the most OT: messages
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <a.abraham at mail.utexas.edu> (10/12 83.33%)

Poster with the highest % OT: messages
Jim Parish <jparish at siue.edu> (5/5  100%)

Poster with the most not OT: messages
"lorraine fletez-brant" <lorrainenfletez at hotmail.com> (10/19 52.63%)

Poster with the highest % not OT: messages
"Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net> (8/8  100%)