[LMB] Virus alert?

Martin Gill martin at martinsgill.co.uk
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 22:36:55 -0000

A *.scr is windows screen saver file. It is basically an *.exe with the
extension renamed.
So I would recommend that you delete it if you don't trust the source.
(definitely do not double-click on it!!). It might also be an idea to
run a virus scanner over the *.scr with full heurestics turned on to see
if it detects anything.

Heurestics are usually off (or limited) in most virus checkers as they
are intended to discover viruses and other malicious programs that have
not been documented yet by applying a set of (oddly enough) heuristics
and seeing if they match. They are prone to a lot of false positives,
hence they are usually off.

Hope this helps,



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It looks like there's a new virus out. In the past hour, I've received 
two suspicious e-mails, one ostensibly from my niece and one from 
someone I've never heard of. The content is oddly phrased, and offers 
something in the form of an attachment - in one case, "a very pow 
tool", in the other, a new game ("You are the very first player"). The 
attachment is a *.scr file.

I haven't found anything on the 'Net about it, but it sure as h*ll 
looks suspicious.

Jim Parish
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