[LMB] Book Aid Charity Appeal

Martin Gill martin at martinsgill.co.uk
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 22:53:20 -0000


I debated long and hard as to whether this post should be OT or not and
finally decided it should be on topic because of the nature of the

But enough of the preamble.

The website www.the-leaky-cauldron.org (a harry potter news site, if you
hadn't already guessed) has... a cunning plan...

On the 12th of December Sothebys (London) is auctioning off a card from
JK Rowling with 93 specially selected words from the next HP book. The
proceeds are to go the Book Aid International.

The plan is as follows. Get as many HP fans to donate to them (They have
registered themselves as an official charity supporting Book Aid
International, details on the site) and they will attempt to buy the
card with the purpose of publishing the words on the internet for
everyone and then giving the card to a random contributor as a prize.

If they win and money left over, the remaining money goes to book aid.
If they lose all the donated money goes to book-aid.

So whatever happens Book Aid International wins.

They hope that if all the Potter fans out there donate a couple of
dollars they should have no problems getting the card and giving Book
Aid a MASSIVE donation.

Please go take a look. If you, like me, don't trust paypal a nanometre,
there are other methods of donating.



ObBujold: Are there any charities on Barrayar? I can't remember any
expect the Imperial Orphanage.