[LMB] Winterfair is coming

Vincentalienzk at aol.com Vincentalienzk at aol.com
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 21:31:09 EST

Hi Folks!

I've been a lurker for a while now, but with christmas coming, i thought i'd 
ask the list mind some things about Winterfair, things that have probably 
been discussed before so maybe they are known-

1)    When is Winterfair? Aside from a winter celebration in the deep winter 
months on Barrayar. Is it tied to the solstice?
2)    Do you wish people Happy Winterfair, Merry Winterfair, Good Winterfair, 
or something else?
3)    Is Winterfair Shopping licensed like deer hunting in the U.S.A. & is it 
reserved for High Vor?
4)    Barraryarans celebrate the Emperor's Birthday, Winterfair, probably 
have rememberances to mark the end of the Escobar War & the withdrawl of the 
Cetagandans, etc. Do they mark the anniversary of the beginning of the Time 
of Isolation?

vince the alien zookeeper