[LMB] Oh, Meg? OT:

Meg Justus megj at nwlink.com
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 20:57:00 -0800

Susan in Seattle asked me:
> So, how's your schedule for mid-to-late next week/weekend looking?
> Saturday morning/early afternoon is out for me. Any other Seattle area
> listees want to come down to the theatre and experiment, er, try to
> imitate Picts (most of the dyes I got were blues) and help me dye
> hats to help with cataracts?

Omigosh.  I'm sorry to be so late responding to this, Susan, but I've been
in Texas for a week (no, not near any listees, more's the pity -- unless
there's someone in Tyler that I don't know about) and just got back tonight
(email was second on the agenda after hugging the cats <g>).

My schedule this week is work tomorrow (Tues.), Thursday, and Saturday (Dec.
3, 5, and 7).  Any other time I would *love* to come and dye hats.  I can
bring MX dyes and soda ash in other colors too...  Am I too late???

desperately hoping otherwise