[LMB] FILK: Winterfair is coming

Peter Newman pnewman at gci.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 04:40:11 -0900

Lois Aleta Fundis <otherlois at yahoo.com> wrote

> here's a Traditional Winterfair F/i/l/k Carol:

> Winterfair is coming
> The goose is getting fat

Do we actually have text evidence of goose on

> Please to put a halfpfennig 

I hope this won't sound too much like nattering Nexus 
Numismatic Nitpicking but:

Half_pence_. We know Barrayar uses pence ('Mountains
of Morning', Hara tries to bribe the gate guard with 'A
mark and twenty pence, it's all I have') so they may well
have, or at least had, halfpence. Without any documented
evidence of a German speaking population on Barrayar
the term halfpfennig seems unlikely.

> in the old man's hat [1].
> If you haven't got a halfpfennig, a Betan pence will
> do.

Given that the Betan currency is a 'dollar' and Beta
colony was settled by Americans, wouldn't this be a
Betan _cent_?

> If you haven't got a Betan pence, then God [2] bless
> you. 
> [1] not yours, James.
> [2] I know the issue of religion on Barrayar is iffy,
> but I had to make the parallel with the original.
> Suggestions open as to a nonreligious substitute.

Father Frost would be appropriately non religious, although
he had a religious basis long ago he appears secular by
Miles's time. It doesn't rally scan though, maybe you could
lengthen line 3 so it does.

I wonder if the Barrayaran Mark has 160 pence in it as
some medieval (two thirds of a pound x 240 pence to the
pound = 160) Marks did. Of course given that this is
Barrayar and that 'Count' is descended from 'accountant'
it may be that a Mark is simply a tally 'mark' on a piece
of parchment (a stick?) that the early Counts used for
their tax collection records. Perhaps a mark represented
the smallest amount worth marking down.