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> Ray Drouillard points out that:-
>  >Right now, to get hydrogen, you generally have to use fossil fuel.  You
>  >up getting less energy (and produce more CO2) than you would have gotten
>  >just burning the fossil fuel.  That will change if we either turn more
>  >fission power, or come up with a practical fusion reactor.
> With a practical fusion reactor you get hydrogen by electrolysing a little
> atmospheric water vapour and then burn it to helium in the reactor to get
> the electricity to capture and electrolyse some more vapour with a lot of
> spare electricity over.

And also electrolyse a bunch of water in order to get hydrogen that can be
used in fuel cells or even burned in IC engines.

> Building a hydrogen fusion reactor smaller than the sun is left as a
> exercise for the student.

Here are some plans:

Ray Drouillard