[LMB] Nephew news OT:

Eric Oppen oppen at mycns.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:59:12 -0600

> > Eric Oppen wrote:
> > My new (a week old today) nephew... <
>    Congrats!
> > he weighed something like 9 pounds and 12 ounces <...> My
> sister-in-law Julie was in labour for four hours, _sans_
> anasthesia, before the baby arrived <
>    Ummm, Eric? That's a *eyeblink* as labors go. Though having
> experienced a super-quick one myself, I can attest that I'd have
> willingly doubled the time if only it had been more *gradual*;
> runaway freight trains aren't fun to ride! ;D

I _know._  I was quite surprised myself...as were they.  One reason that
Julianne didn't get an epidural was that they didn't know she'd be so
quick---by the time they figured out that one would be a good idea, it was
too late to administer it.

> > Eric, who's wondering what sort of Christmas prezzies a baby
> would like. <
>    The baby would like a diaper service. The baby would love to
> have a maid come in once a week for the next two months. The
> baby would adore gift certificates to his parents' favorite
> restaurant, especially if babysitting can be arranged. Hee!
> (Trust me on this.) <G>

Most of these are a _tad_ beyond my purse...or are already taken care of,
courtesy of my brother's many in-laws who live in the same town.  I've had a
mobile suggested, and I may go with that.  Although the gift certificates to
the restaurant might work, if I can find out:

Which restaurants my brother and sis-in-law favour (difficult, that,
particularly since Julianne _is_ a splendid cook and they usually eat at

Whether said restaurants offer gift certificates.

> ~ Casey, whose new "honorary grandson" just reached two months.
> =====
> ~~O8:>

--Eric, who is eagerly awaiting the Christmas hols, so he can go out and see
the new baby for himself.