[LMB] OT: No snow in Alaska, too much in NC

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tks1 at acpub.duke.edu
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:17:43 -0500

At 01:19 PM 12/4/2002, Rebecca J. Terry wrote:
>Who really is tired of 40 degree weather and is wishing for SNOW....
>October average temp 41, November average temp 38... December???? This

Funny!!!  This is NORTH CAROLINA DARNIT!!!!!  and it's snowing here with 
high chances of freezing rain and accumulation of ice.

I wish I could send it to you!!  I'm positive Alaska is much better 
prepared to react.  Most people are already heading home today (2 pm) and 
probably won't leave the house tomorrow.  Which I think is pretty wise, 
considering Durham is very incapable of reacting well to snow, ice, 
etc.  We'll see when I call it quits!