[LMB] Re: Calling Ma Kosti

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 12:58:03 -0800 (PST)

Potato Soup?

Get out the crock pot. Dice enough potatoes to fill it half full.
Sautee some bacon and spicy style sausages of your choice. Slice and
add to the potatos. Deglaze the pan with some red wine or boiling
water, and slosh that in with the potatoes.

Slice up a couple of celery stalks, a couple of carrots, six or seven
cloves of garlic, three boiling onions. If needed, add enough water to
come 1/2 the depth of the veggies. Put the lid on and let simmer
on low for 4-6 hours or until the potatoes begin to break down and
make their own thick soup. Ten minutes before removing from the heat,
add salt, pepper, hot paprika or cayenne powder to taste.

If you don't use a crock pot, start with cooking the eat and add the
other ingredients to your original soup pot. If you want to have a
really rich soup, when you add the seasonings, add whole milk or heavy
cream into which you have mixed a bit of arrowroot or cornstarch and
simmer until the liquid comes to a warm but not boiling temperature
before serving.

And then there is always making up any liquid meat/vegetable soup of
your choice (or the contents of your refrigerator) and making potato
dumplings/Krumplis gombo'c.

Boil 2 medium sized potatoes. Peel, and puree them. Add 1 Tbsp butter,
1-1 1/2 Tbsp flour (it will depend on the size of the potatoes), a
pinch of salt and a beaten egg. Knead it well. Scoop out bits of the
dough with a spoon, with well floured hands roll into small round
balls. Drop into any boiling soup of your choice and cook for 5

As a variation, roll the dumplings in bread crumbs (it will take
between 2/3 a cup and a cup and a half ) Instead of dropping into
boiling soup, either bake or sautee in butter or olive oil until
browned. Especially good served with sausages or cold sliced beef.

A variation of both of these is to dice some left-over ham or roast
beef and roll the dumpling around them.

Susan in Seattle
(looking at the potato sack and thinking about dinner tonight