[LMB] Re: Calling Ma Kosti

Sarah E. Chodrow chodrow at bellsouth.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 19:12:59 -0500

"Mark A. Mandel" <mamandel at Filker.Org> asked:

     On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Susan Profit wrote:

     #Potato Soup?


     I can get kosher Italian sausage, but what can I substitute
     for the
     milk?? (Can't use milk and meat products together.)

Milk and cream tend to be textural additions to soup, rather than flavor
additions.  So, there's always good old Coffee Rich (tm), if you're not
allergic to soy.  Mom's used it as a substitute for cream in soup for
years, and doesn't get complaints.  (Okay, no one would dare, but :-)  I
agree that CR can be a bit chemically in quantity, but small amounts
work pretty well.  And I've been contemplating investigating the
now-prevalent veggie/health food soy milks (especially when substituting
for *milk*, rather than cream)  which are less artificial than
CR. Surely there's a kosher-pareve brand out there that isn't
vanilla-flavored or sweetened too much.

That soup does sound good though...

    - S, kosher in Atlanta, and watching the approaching ice with more
trepidation than Nancy...

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