[LMB] epithets

Laura Gallagher kelts at earthlink.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 20:19:12 -0800

> POUNCER wrote:
> > That's the only epithet I've worked out in
> > detail, but I suppose both Negri and Simon
> > Illyan got some sort of scary names, too.  

> We do have a nickname for Negri, which was Ezar's Familiar.

I suspect that was the version mentioned in polite company, such as
Cordelia might have been expected to be in.  I suspect there was a
cruder version as well. 
> Not sure for Illyan, but browsing though Ekaterin's chapters in ACC 
> might yield something (something mild, unfortunately, since you can't 
> count on oversocialized Ekaterin to even *think* vicious nicknames).

I just went hunting through that (THANK you Baen, for searchable
webscriptions), and didn't find anything.  Just mentions of him as a
"towering legend", and "the legend who'd run the dreaded Imperial
Security for thirty iron years"

Laura Gallagher