[LMB] OT vegan Italian sausage Re: Calling Ma Kosti

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Thu, 5 Dec 2002 00:41:48 -0500 (EST)

Nicholas was looking for vegan Italian-style "sausage".



It looks like Boca Foods, LightLife, and Sunergia Soyfoods all make what
you want. I haven't tried any of these (don't think I've even seen them).

Yves Veggie Cuisine makes an excellent Italian Ground Round (quite similar
to ground beef, but w/o the salmonella) that I can highly recommend. You
could make it into lasagna or meatballs. The Mexican Ground Round is
really good for tacos -- you cannot tell the difference.

Personally, I'd take vegan sausage w/real milk over meat sausage w/soy
milk, but then I loathe the chalkiness and overall taste of soy milk. Some
types of soy milk are sweetened as well, which would make them doubly
useless for cooking.

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Nicholas Rosen wrote:

> Mark Mandel wrote:
> > I can get kosher Italian sausage, but what can I substitute for the
> > milk?? (Can't use milk and meat products together.)
> You could try soy milk, available in some supermarkets, and most
> health food store kinds of places.
> Now, if I could find vegan Italian sausage . . .

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